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Down to Earth Solutions was started in December 1996 with the focus and goal to be able to provide clients with top level service for teleconferencing and special events at reduced costs. We feel it is very important to assist clients with the growth of their business by reducing the costs without sacrificing the quality of service. Every request received at Down to Earth Solutions, Inc. is given the same personal attention. We are of the belief we are only as successful as our clients.

Our office is open from 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM Mountain Time in order to meet the needs of all our clients from the East to the West Coast. We feel it is important to be available and accessible during their core business hours.

We have set up a paging system for receipt of e-mail correspondence. We are paged immediately upon receipt of any e-mail message received at the server of our local Internet provider.

To provide the most cost effective service for our clients we have identified all the perspective vendors who sell satellite space segment and have been able to negotiate a very reasonable price overall. This cost savings is directly passed along to the clients. When a request is received, we first call the vendors with the lowest prices and continue down the list until we are able to obtain the required space segment requested. The space segment is inquired and the client immediately notified of the costs. This allows the client to have the comfort of knowing the space segment is reserved for them and the opportunity to determine if the rate is reasonable for the request without the actual commitment. Our mark-up is low as we do not have all the overhead expenses incurred by our competitors. We strongly feel that any service for which we can get a cost reduction, we will be pass it along to our clients. Our philosophy is to provide the client with the lowest obtainable price for the service request.

Down to Earth Solutions, Inc. has proven ourselves in the demanding international market by coordinating broadcasts in a variety of countries including:






The Netherlands
















The biggest and the most notable strength of the Company is that we are very thorough and detailed in our work and research. This enables us to gather information from all the parties, analyze the information and make the best recommendations to accommodate each clients request. We are very diligent and persistent in our research, which is what has provided us with a higher success ratio than our competitors in obtaining space segment that was not available in the original process.

Success is only as good as the communication between all parties. We invite you to contact us in person, by phone, by fax or by E-Mail.

Down 2 Earth Solutions
1718 South 600 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
Phone: (801) 463-6172
Fax: (801) 463-6173

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